Stateline Idol gave local singers the chance to score 'skip the line' passes in Chicago last night at Rock Valley College.

Who knew there was this much talent in Rockford?

Last night 97ZOK partnered with WTVO to bring 'Stateline Idol' to Rockford. Almost three dozen Rockford area singers took the mic to impress the judges (including our very own, Mandy James) to score a 'skip the line pass' in Chicago.

Out of all of the contests, two were chosen to receive those passes, while one, the winner, scored a 'Silver Ticket,' guaranteeing her an audition in the judges round.

Huge congratulations to Courtney Miller who took home the 'Silver Ticket,' as well as Courtney Gore and Emilio Salinas who won the line skipping passes.

We can't wait to watch all of you on this season of 'American Idol.'

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