Why can't you just get in the car and go to actual Wisconsin?

When people complain about driving for a few hours to get to Wisconsin or Chicago, I look at them like they're crazy. A few hours is nothing!

But then I remember I spent almost three years commuting to Rockford from the Chicago suburbs, so a few hours in the car isn't a big deal to me.

Now, if you're closer to Chicago than Wisconsin but want to 'experience' Wisconsin, I've got something for you.

September 8, 9 and 10, Wisconsin is taking over Chicago with a bunch of cheese, beer, and Green Bay Packers.

And curds. All the curds.

Friday's events include your chance to win a trip to Milwaukee...Saturday there is the crowning of the newest Musky Queen.. and Sunday you can win some of those delicious cheese curds when the Packers score.

Or, you know you can just drive to Wisconsin. I am so confused on this one.

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