Lost, cold and suffering, it's not just the people of Houston who've needing rescuing from Hurricane Harvey over the last few days, animals are struggling to find shelter too. 

And with Noah's Ark no where in sight, Houston has become a city of lost, wet and shivering animals that have been separated from their families. It's absolutely heartbreaking. 
But, these pets, for now, are just lost; not forgotten, and right here in Rockford we have our own Noah's Ark that has become a sanctuary for pets here in the state line area; and soon, they'll be taking in animals from Houston, too. 
Additionally, Noah's Ark will be sending a team down to areas affected by Hurricane Harvey to bring supplies like:
Dog and cat food
Bottled water
Leashes and collars
Paper towels
Cat litter
Flea medications
Cat litter boxes
Toys and treats
Bedding/ blankets
If you'd like to donate any of the above items, you can bring them to Noah's Ark, where you can also meet Peeps, at 111 N. 1st St. in Rockford.
They're also trying to see if they could get a cargo van either donated or at a discounted rental price, there's a feeling that all the donations might not fit in their Expedition.
You can read more about Operation Bring Animals Home on their Facebook page- OBAH S&R or visit their webpage at www.obahrescue.com. Thank you!

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