It was a little over a month ago when Crayola made a huge deal over retiring one of the crayons from their 24-count box; people speculated for a little over a day, if that, what color it would...or should be.

Way ahead of schedule, just like a weed, Crayola picked Dandelion out of the box. That color is being replaced with a new shade of blue, which according to Fortune, was just discovered by chemists in 2009. The scientific name is YinMn, but Crayola wants you to pick something else.

Because we don't use crayons, and we thought it might be a little weird for grown-ups to come up with a name, we went directly to the people who use crayons the most- kids.

We asked our listener family to ask their kids what the new shade of blue should be called and their answers did not disappoint.


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