The results of a recent Better Business Bureau study are a bit surprising. It's not your grandparents you need to worry about it seems.

You've no doubt encountered a few millennials and noticed what many of them seem to have in common. A millennial is between the ages of 18-24. Many of them have an air of invincibility. We were the same way when we were that age. But according to this story from, Millennials need to check themselves.

When it comes to falling for scams, whether they be online or telephone, it's not the over 65s that fall victim to them most often... it's the Millennials.

Dennis Horton of the Rockford BBB had an interesting comment to make about Millennials attitude toward these types of scams:

Millennials tend to think, 'it won't happen to me,' and don't pay a lot of attention all of the warnings that are out there

You should never answer phone calls from a source you don't know. And you definitely shouldn't click through to a website you're not familiar with, according to the BBB.