Chicago meter maids handed out $60 parking tickets in a complete scam and the whole thing was caught on surveillance video.

Nobody likes getting a parking ticket, especially when you don't believe you should've gotten one. They are very hard to fight in court and in many cases it's not worth your time. Ultimately, that's what the City of Chicago is hoping for. They want you to just pay it because you want to avoid the hassle. In this surveillance video and story from Fox 32 Chicago, you'll see that these people did not deserve to get these tickets.

According to Fox 32, Joseph Castleberry knows he was scammed, and it was his surveillance camera that caught it all.

"It feels like an undeserved ticket at this point. These signs were not here when I parked last night,” said Joseph Castleberry. "I got home from work about 2 o’clock last night. I’m in the house all night. And I come out this morning with a ticket on my car."

Joseph and others were accused of ignoring a street cleaning on Hoyne near Grand Avenue that was scheduled, but never posted.

"I have surveillance cameras on my house, so I go back and watch my footage and I see that they ticket me and then put up the sign for the next day,” Joseph said.

In this video you'll see the cars get ticketed and then you'll see someone put up the 'no parking' signs afterward. And the funniest part, the worker put up signs for the wrong day.