It's been a while since I've taken a munchkin to see the Easter Bunny, but from what I remember, it can be stressful. Between the long lines and the horrific look of some of those giant cartoon like rabbit costumes; you'd be lucky if the photographer was able to capture the perfect moment when your child wasn't sure if they should smile or cry.

Here's an idea, why not try and take a family photo with a real bunny? What could go wrong?

That's what Rockford mom and photographer, Emily Wauchope, thought when she took her kids' Easter photos.

Sure, it might be harder to get a real bunny to sit still and say cheese, but when they do, moments like this one are captured and shared for a lifetime.  Emily was able to snap the exact moment their rabbit, Jacky, was yawning, but it actually appears like the bunny has the biggest smile on it's face. You'd think someone was dangling a carrot in front of it.

Emily Wauchope via Facebook
EWauc Photography

Do you have a funny or really cute Easter bunny photo? Feel free to share it in the comments.

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