If you picked up the phone, called your mom and you asked her what she'd like for Mother's Day, what would she say?

There's a very good chance she'd just tell you, "you don't have to get me a thing."

If she does, she's not lying (although, you should probably get her something anyway because when any woman says you shouldn't get her anything, it really means you should, we just want to see what you'd come up with).

When a mother says she doesn't need or want anything for Mother's Day, it's because she already has the greatest gift of all- you.

It sounds cheesy, but just take a look at the moment these Rockford women became a mom. No bouquet of flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, fancy dinner or cards could ever make a mom's face light up the way it did on the day their babies were born.

Happy Mother's Day, moms.

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