Now you can get Cinnabon cinnamon rolls with your pizza. Sounds like heaven.

Think about it, it's Friday. Today and the rest of the weekend are perfect days for pizza. When you couple that with scooping up some Cinnabon Mini Rolls, this is something that needs to happen.

That's because Pizza Hut in Rockford is now selling Cinnabon Mini Rolls. You're talking breakfast and dinner in one order if you can hold off on eating the cinnamon rolls that long.

The Cinnabon Mini Rolls are available now at all Pizza Hut locations in Rockford for $5.99.

The response from Twitter has been generally positive, calling it the "most delicious item" made by Pizza Hut.

Others haven't been quite as satisfied saying the Cinnabon Mini Rolls are "false advertising."

Have you tried the Cinnabon Mini Rolls from Pizza Hut yet?

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