Sometimes you got to tip your cap to high schoolers. If they want to throw a party, they'll find a way. Many years ago during my high school career, I remember kids trying to get hotels or waiting for someone's parents to be gone for the weekend. There was also some kids who got caught trying to throw a party in a subdivision that was building new houses. Like I said, if they want to party, they'll find a way.

Rockford police have noticed a new trend after several arrests this year and they are warning the public of the new way kids are finding places. Air B&B. I've used Air B&B twice and both times was very impressed with the place we rented. I also remember meeting with the owner before we ever took "ownership" of the house for our stay and they always seemed very thorough in making sure we were who we said we were. Apparently, not all who rent out their properties are as thorough. Rockford police are warning renters about red flags and ways to protect their property from underage drinking, drug use, and people having weapons in their place according to WIFR.

I know as we all get older we get a little more cynical about the way kids are. It's hard to walk that line of making sure your kids are safe and not doing these things while maybe remembering some of your high school glory days. Some people believe the reason why many college underclassmen develop drinking problems that affect their schooling is because it's the kids first time away from their parents, unsupervised, with alcohol around. In many European countries, the party mentality isn't as great because kids learn about responsible drinking at younger ages and the stigma is taken away. For many years, Illinois residents would drive up to Wisconsin to take advantage of their legal drinking age of 18.

Should we reconsider the legal drinking age in this country? Let us know in the comments.

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