Ice cream it's almost everyone's go to treat.

There's one though that Rockford really needs to get that's for adults only.

You know how it is after a long hectic day  sometimes you just reach for some comfort of ice cream, or maybe an adult beverage to soothe your frazzled nerves.

How about an ice cream that's infused with vodka?

Awesome you say. Oh I know it and it's not a far fetched idea either.

It's a reality.

Arctic Buzz is a company based in Baltimore that makes vodka infused ice cream.

They have six different flavors to choose from: Key Lime Pie, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate, Raspberry, Vanilla and Coconut.

Mmmm... They all sound so fantastic.

Caution though, these little pints do pack a powerful punch. As, according to their website and, the ice cream contain anywhere between 8.6 % to 8.9 % alcohol.

Wow! No wonder it's call Arctic Buzz, you really will get a buzz off of it.


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Now don't you agree we need this ice cream?
The unfortunate thing is right now the vodka ice creams are only available in the Baltimore, Maryland area.
Well you know we could always start a petition. Right?
Who's with me on this?

To learn more about Arctic Buzz, click here.



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