Congratulations, Illinois, you finally have a budget.

I'm not really sure it's cause for a celebration, but before we start discussing how much we despise it, let's at least look at the bright side- with a budget, the biggest lottery games in the country will come back, lottery payouts will continue, our schools will stay open and get the funding they need (what little they do get) and road construction projects will get completed; hopefully.

See, it's not all bad. Well, except for the fact that the income tax rate will go up from 3.75% to 4.95%; effective immediately.

Instead of getting into a heated debate over the topic, I took to Facebook to ask Rockford residents to sum up how they feel about the new budget in just four words and here are some of the best responses:

"Forever poor in Illinois"- Mandy

"Let's go elsewhere NOW"- Kara

"Wish we could move."- Melissa

"I'm about to leave."- Donna

"Happy living in Wisconsin"- Dave

"I need to move."- Kim

"What's there to like?"- Shayla

"No troll left behind"- Jaimie

"**** **** **** *****"- Brian 

"Tax preparation will suck."- Josh

"Does it include lube?"- Jeremy

"I don't need sex..."- Shane (the government's screwing me everyday)

"Out of here soon."- Rebecca

"Whatever I'm vacation time"- Rhiannon

"What the honest hell?"- Brad

Your turn. Describe how you're feeling about Illinois' budget in just four words.

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