Thank you Starbucks for bringing the delicious back to Rockford for the summer.

Sure summer isn't officially here yet, but with the return of the S'mores Frappuccino to Rockford, we can officially say summer is coming.

So here's the deal. The S'mores Frapp is coming next week. Tuesday, April 30 to be exact and it's honestly worth you putting on your calendar.

Because, well IT'S A S'MORE YOU CAN DRINK AT YOUR DESK. Or all the mall, or Target, for breakfast, whatevs.

I tell you, it's the perfect cure for a summer hangover.

Freezing cold, lots of sugar, just enough chocolate. I promise you it is the perfect cure Try it.

But don't drink so much this weekend that you need it because it starts next week... save your drinking for then.

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