Target just bought a major delivery service in hope of being able to deliver customers all of what they want from the comfort of their own home.

Even better it's same-day delivery to their home. Meaning, the $100 you spend every time you walk into a Target can be done while you're at work or at home and someone will bring it right to you.

Target acquired Shipt for over a half billion dollars last week. If you don't know what Shipt is, here's a one-sentence breakdown. You buy stuff, they bring it to you.

Target is eyeballing a $99 yearly subscription fee in conjunction with the same day shipping, and for the service to be rolled out to half of their stores by early 2018.

The Minneapolis based retailer believes it will be in all stores by 2019. No word if Rockford will be one of the early adopters but there has to be some thought it will get here sooner rather than later. Shipt already works in conjunction with Meijer grocery stores in the Rockford area.

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