If you thought you knew what the term, 'immersive,' meant, think again after checking out what's happening at this Van Gogh exhibit in Chicago. 

We all know Vincent Van Gogh. He cut off his ear, he painted Starry Night.

But, have you ever EXPERIENCED Van Gogh?

Not in the way they're doing it at the Immersive Van Gogh Chicago experience in Old Town. 

The colors, the movement and THE MUSIC all coming around you while you stand still is like nothing I've ever felt before.

And if 2021 has been busy and stressful for you like it has been for me, you need this escape.

The exhibit opened to the public today and is already sold out for February and most of March so you need to get tickets ASAP to enjoy this in the Spring.

Feel free to play ballerina while you're there too... it's hard not to!

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