I love national lists that feature only foods from big cities.

There's a certain type of snootiness that goes along with those lists that just intrigues me.

I get it though. I can't expect the person who put together the list to make it to every town across the country in order to find the best thing in that state. Most listmakers usually stick with the biggest city in each state to find the best thing. It's just easier.

Perfect example, MSN posted a "Bucket List Barbecue in Every State" list and the listmaker said Lem's Bar-b-q in Chicago is the barbecue you need to try before you die.

Nothing against Lem's in Chicago, I'm sure it's amazing, but I'd like to invite the person who made that list to come to Rockford to try Smokehouse Bar-B-Que.

Located at 432 Harrison Avenue, Smokehouse Bar-B-Que is far and away the best barbecue to eat in Rockford and more than likely the best in Illinois.

This place was DELICIOUS!!! the prices weren't bad and the workers were very friendly. If you're in town, visit this place if you have a love for bbq!

This place is the best BBQ in Rockford, IL. They smoke the meat themselves and they make their own sauce. The food is exquisite. The ladies that own are sweet as pie as well. They build a nice wholesome atmosphere.

Then again, not everyone is enamored by Smokehouse.

The food was ok, service was good. Wasn't blown away but left full.

Regardless. I think it's a truly hidden Rockford gem.

For me, it's all about the Sho Boat, "boneless pork shoulder, BBQ fries & garlic bun." If you get a chance, add some macaroni and cheese to the mix too.

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