Emily Bear might be stuck in L.A. seemingly doing nothing... they're shut down there more than we are... but she's actually doing EVERYTHING.

We love watching Emily's career grow, from the years she wowed Ellen as a piano prodigy to her career now in L.A. where she's been writing music for films for years.

Which is pretty incredible considering she's not even 21 years old yet.

We knew she was talented but this year she dropped a song that really resonated with so many of us and added a new branch to her career, pop music.

Yes there's still a jazzy piano vibe in 'MANCHILD,' but you know you're feeling Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift with those lyrics.

Emily Skyped with me this week on Good Day Stateline to talk about the inspiration behind the song and what she's working on this year... you know that huge show on Netflix, Bridgerton? Well she's part of the team turning it into a musical.


How cool is that? We are so excited to keep up with her, congratulations, Emily!

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