Our hometown girl is killing in in L.A. and just dropped a new single, 'u suck.'

Piano prodigy turned L.A. musician turned pop star? That's what I would say about Rockford's Emily Bear, who just dropped her second very pop star like song this year, 'u suck.'

In case you missed it, earlier this year Emily dropped the song 'MANCHILD,' and well, it was really great.

I'm gonna speak for most women here when I say we've all met a manchild before, and we've also all met a dude who sucks.

My experience... they're usually the same guy... I have a feeling that's true for Emily too.

While these new songs are very pop-star like, she's not tossing her jazz vibes away, that's one of the reason I love them. They really blend the two genres in such a fun way.

Plus that shout-out to her 'home town.' We like that!

Emily, I'm excited for even more songs about this awful dude. Thank you!

P.S. Emily is also part of the team behind Bridgerton, the Musical! I have a feeling there will be even more amazing to report on Emily in 2021. Go get 'em, girl.

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