Rockford's newest eatery is a Nordic-themed breakfast and lunch hot spot in a nearly 100-year-old building. The Norwegian Brunch Pub & Music

The Norwegian just opened its doors on Saturday, December 1, but getting to that day was a tremendous task. Emily Hurd bought the building at 1402 N. Main Street three years ago, little did she know just how much work it was going to take to finally be able to open the doors to her restaurant.

According to The Norwegian's Facebook page, the building, since being built in 1930, has housed everything from grocery stores to cigarette bodegas, doctors' offices to optical centers. While many buildings this age are filled with character, often times they've been left to rot away, and the task to restore them can be daunting. Emily and her husband were determined to get to this day. A day that started in 2015.

When we bought the building in 2015, the roof was collapsing, the windows were shattered, and the floors upstairs were covered in asbestos tiles and tar. The downstairs needed all new mechanicals and an aesthetic facelift. -Emily Hurd

The Norwegian serves breakfast and lunch only and is open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily. The kitchen closed Mondays, but they still offer coffee and pastries for dine-in or carryout. Visit their website for more information.


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