There is a potentially big problem brewing outside you home and the City of Rockford wants you to take action ASAP.

While this hasn't been the worst winter we've ever had, it has certainly come with some challenges. There's been quite a bit of snowfall and a few weeks of sub-zero temperatures. It's now starting to look and feel like the 'early spring' Woodstock Willie predicted on Groundhog's Day. Warmer temps and all this sunlight feel incredible, but hold up.

There's likely a ton of snow built up on your curb. Whether it's from the plowing of the street or you clearing your sidewalk and driveway, there is a problem likely brewing at all the storm drains around Rockford. With all the melting that is starting to happen, that water needs clear access to the storm drain or it will back up and turn into sheets of ice overnight.

The City of Rockford is asking for all residents to check the storm drains outside their homes and if you find ice and snow clogging access, do what you can to clear it away.

HELP PREVENT FLOODING: With more than a foot of snow on the ground and weeks of brutal cold, temperatures will finally...

Posted by City of Rockford Government on Monday, February 22, 2021

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