As if truffles and your favorite alcohol weren't enough, this candy maker is asking you to pick your favorite combinations.

Sugar Britches Old Fashioned Candy Store at 115 W. Main St.  in downtown Rockton is pairing the two things that help make Christmas so jolly; chocolate and booze. They're bringing back the most amazing 6-pack of alcohol truffles.

Sugar Britches via Facebook

As you can expect, Sugar Britches is struggling deciding which truffle/alcohol combos to make. So they're asking us to decide. And you can leave you picks on their Facebook page.

Which ones would you like in YOUR Alcoholat 6-pack box?

Sugar Britches via Facebook

The Dude: eggnog, rum, white chocolate

Brandy Alex: cognac, white chocolate

Jiminy Christmas: peppermint schnapps, dark chocolate

Hot Toddy: whiskey, apple cider, semi sweet chocolate

Chocolate Martini: vanilla vodka, milk chocolate

Mad Russian: Kahlua, vodka, white and dark chocolates

Skinny Pirate: Captain Morgan's, semi sweet chocolate

Rumballs: rum, dark chocolate

Lemon Drop: limoncello, white chocolate

Pink Lady: gin, grenadine, white chocolate

Bees Knees: gin, lemon, honey, white chocolate

All-man Joy: amaretto, coconut, dark chocolate