The Steve Shannon Show broadcast from Fibs Grill & Bar in Rockton. It was to celebrate the 'Smalltown Showdown' win and deliver a trophy but A LOT more happened.

The morning started with the trophy presentation to Village of Rockton Trustee, Pat Hoey. The trophy is on display at Rockton Village Hall. Then we noticed that Fibs Grill & Bar's menu has a BBQ shrimp & grits dish, so it was the perfect time for Mandy to try grits for the first time. And Steve's wife wanted him to get his eyebrows done before a big event, so he got waxed by Sanctuary Spa... during the show. Check out this video playlist from our YouTube channel, that you really should subscribe to, ZOKTV.

It was a pleasure to award Rockton, IL with the first ever Smalltown Showdown win. They beat Pecatonica in the final round by quite a large margin.

Poll Daddy, Townsquare Media
Poll Daddy, Townsquare Media

We will be doing the 'Showdown' again in 2016 and Pecatonica will automatically be included among the 16 small towns that will compete.

Here's a gallery of fun from our morning in Rockton.


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