At this historic hotel rink in Illinois, roller skating is cool again.

Fun Memories Of Roller Skating

I can not remember my exact age at the time, but my mom forced me to take roller skating lessons at a local rink. I was not happy about that situation but I did learn how to do it.


Of course, a few years later was I happy she did because, in middle school, that was one of the things we did for fun on the weekends. It was also a good way to meet girls. Pretty much, everyone, I knew back then went roller skating. It was the "thing" to do.


Roller Skating Went Away

Well, not totally. There are still a few rinks around but not like when I was younger. For the most part, kids are not really into it anymore. The only time they go is for a school trip or a classmate's birthday party.


Could Roller Skating Make A Comeback

I believe people love nostalgia. They enjoy reliving those times as a kid when they get the chance. Maybe, it is going to see an old favorite band in concert or going back to their high school for the homecoming game. Roller Skating could make a flashback comeback with the situation is right.


Roller Skating Could Be Cool Again 

If roller skating was made available in more of an adult-type situation with the same feel of the old days, I think people would be interested. It could give them that "going back in time" style event. They could even bring their family to show them what it was like when they were growing up.


Pop-Up Roller Rink Returns To Historic Illinois Hotel

Like I said before, with the correct scenario people would go roller skating again for at least "old time's sake." Here is the perfect event to make it happen. The historic Chicago Athletic Association hotel is bringing back its pop-up rink.


Skate Night At The Track

According to,

"Popping up in the building’s historic gymnasium known today as Stagg Court, The Track Roller Rink is home to quarterly skate weekends, monthly roller routines, and a playful line-up of four-wheeled activities throughout the year."


"With a name affectionately paying homage to the running track that rings the top of the iconic space, The Track Roller Rink invites newbies and skilled skaters to lace up for events with flair for the thematic, and nostalgia of a bygone era."


"Chicago has long held a deep love for skating, and now, The Track Roller Rink offers skating sanctuary in the heart of downtown for locals, visitors, JB skaters, and everyone in between."

Roller skating returns on October 15th and 16th.

For more info, HERE.

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