As a parent, one of the very first things we teach our kids is how to have good manners. It's pretty simple, always say please, thank you and excuse me. Honestly, one of the best compliments I ever received was when someone told me how polite my son was. It put a smile on my face and it reassured me that I at least did one thing right in raising him.

Unfortunately, good manners are hard to come by these days; there are too many people walking around who feel so entitled that they find it hard to be gracious when someone does something nice for them, even if it is part of that person's job- politeness counts.

A café in Virginia must be a high traffic area for the entitled, because they've implemented a new payment strategy to convince their customers to be polite. Take a look, you'll get a discount if you can manage to say something that should just be second nature.

Is this a sad...or smart strategy? Do you think this could work at some of your favorite cafes and diners in Rockford?

If you work in the hospitality or food industry, would you be willing to give this a try?