Summer is officially starting, but as always, the next school year will sneak up on everyone and be here before we know it.

Rockford Public School officials are asking for your help as they plan for next school year. It's inevitable that school will be different. There's no exact answer as to WHAT exactly is going to be different. However, it's safe to assume school wont be the same for kids.

District 205 has launched surveys for staff, parents, and students. RPS needs feedback on remote learning, AKA whether or not it was a good experience.

According to WTVO, RPS 205 Superintendent Dr. Ehren Jarrett detailed -

What we are going to be shifting to is we hope largely face to face instruction. We know there will be some limitations. There may be some families that don’t feel comfortable sending their children back just yet. or faculty that may have some health concerns. But ultimately we that that is going to be the most likely scenario come the fall

The survey will be used to plan for next school year.

To participate in the survey, click here.

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