By now you probably know I had COVID-19 in 2020, but it was a very mild case. Honestly, if it wasn't for the loss of taste and smell, I wouldn't have thought I was suffering from anything other than a mild sinus infection.

I may have sailed through the illness with little complications, but too many people do not. Plasma donations from people who have recovered from COVID-19 can literally save other COVID patients' lives, so if you've had the virus, get ready to roll up those sleeves at the Rock River Valley Blood Center!

So now that we know convalescent plasma has proven to save the lives of some COVID-19 patients, I have some questions. I tested positive for COVID-19 back in October, but my full senses of taste and smell have yet to return. I believe I am still feeling some of the fatigue as well, so do I still qualify as "recovered" from COVID-19? I guess that question is technically for my doctor, but as far as donating plasma, here is what the Rock River Valley Blood Center's website says;

I recently recovered from COVID-19. Can I donate convalescent plasma?

Yes, you can! If you had a positive COVID-19 nasal pharyngeal test or a positive serological test for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, please bring the test results with you to your appointment. If you do not have your test results, please notify the blood center staff at registration that you tested positive for COVID-19 and want to donate your plasma.

To donate convalescent plasma at Rock River Valley Blood Center, you must be in general good health and weigh at least 110 pounds. You can donate plasma every 7 days, and scheduling an appointment in advance online at or by phone at  815-965-8751 is always a good idea.

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