A new ride-sharing service just arrived in Illinois, but is it worth your time?

That all depends on one thing, how do you feel about carpooling? Consider this, if you're one of the nearly 14,000 Rockford residents who commute to and from Chicago daily, it might be worth your time.

Waze Carpool, from the creators of the Waze, is hoping you're a fan of driving around with others. So much so, they've created a way for you to get paid just for commuting to work.

They kicked off Waze Carpool with a video they posted on Twitter explaining the whole thing.

Based on their explanation it looks kind of similar to Uber or Lyft, but just a bit different.

You still get paid, albeit probably at a cheaper rate than Uber or Lyft because you're not just driving someone to their destination but getting yourself to work.

Not sure I could do something like this. I'm an outgoing guy, but sharing my car with a total stranger sounds kind of scary. Knowing I'd get paid to carpool would make it feel more legit and less creepy but I don't know about it.

What I do know, there's plenty of people who commute to Chicago from Rockford during the workweek. If you knew you could find a cheaper carpooling service than what you already have, would you take it?

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