Why is it that one of the world's greatest cities is now being called one of the worst to visit in America?

Opinions, man. That's why.

Everyone who can create a website or anyone who can log on to a social media account has an opinion on something, anything.

Some of the time, those thoughts can be pretty divisive. Like, why in the world would you call out a place that people from every corner of the planet come to see firsthand?

Maybe it's for the clicks or maybe it's because they really truly think Chicago sucks.


Anyway, on The 40 Worst Cities to Visit in the United States, some website called Mind Your Dollars decided The Windy City is among the most terrible trip destinations saying "I think everyone already knew that Chicago, Illinois would show up on this list."

Here's why according to Mind Your Dollars:

At least, anyone who has happened to bother watching the news at all over the past decade.

You’d think that’d keep people away, but there are still reasons people choose to travel to Chicago, Illinois. So if you do happen to venture out, just be really careful not to find yourself on the wrong side of town or you might regret it.

So "watching the news" is the reason why Chicago is one of the worst? The Windy City has its problems, just like every big city in America, but it is also rich with history, art, culture, music, and entertainment.

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The truth is, I've had more bad experiences in my life outside of Chicago rather than inside the city limits but then again, that's just my opinion.

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