Why is it that every single day there's always a wild story about someone getting followed around stores by strangers with bad intentions?

Just the other day, a woman in Loves Park, Illinois spotted a man underneath her car putting an AirTag on it to track her location.  She didn't know this man at all.. what is going on in the world?!

Then, I get on Facebook and see my friend posted something she experienced at a Rockford Hobby Lobby. Her Facebook post said,

"Just want to bring awareness ladies!! Today I was shopping at hobby lobby and a white male grey hair, clean cut looking kept walking in front of me in the isles I was in. He would say excuse me… after the second time I realized he was completely erect tshirt tucked into his sweatpants and wanted to make it obvious to me."


The logo for Hobby Lobby seen at the arts and crafts
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Then, when she was leaving...

"When I got to the register I informed the manager and they said they watched him in the camera and he had exited the building and would walk me out if I needed…a similar thing happened to [my friend] and I about a month ago at home goods except this guy would bend over so you could see his pink thong!!!!"

How does one feel so compelled to leave their house and walk around stores looking to violate and traumatize innocent people?


It's so sad we can't go anywhere nowadays without this type of stuff happening.

My friend finished the post with a description of the guy,

"Again a white male who was in his late 30’s, looked normal, clean cut. I have no idea why or how these things happen to me but ladies please tell your daughters and be aware for yourself..if this happens to them make sure they find someone who works in the store so that the business is aware and most importantly they are escorted out of the building safely!!!"

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It's always good to be extra cautious in public and be aware of your surroundings.  Sometimes I forget crazy stuff like this happens because I try to block it out and just enjoy life.

If you have friends who are single, have daughters, or run errands alone a lot, please share this with them.  Who knows who it could help!

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