Spring has sprung, and that means it's flower season.

I feel like last year the big thing to do was sunflower fields. But that's so 2020.

How about a field filled with over 300,000 tulips? Sounds pretty magical to me.


So where can you experience this flower fun? From mid-April through mid-May, there's a giant tulip festival happening at Richardson Farm. It's the Richardson Tulip Festival.

Richardson Farm is just a little over an hour from Rockford. They're located at 909 English Prairie Rd, Spring Grove, IL 60081. Onlyinyourstate details -

Richardson Farm started as a homestead in 1836 by Robert Richardson who moved here from England. It started out as a 240-acre farm, growing to include over 544 acres and two farmsteads over the years.

You might have heard of Richardson Farm before. But not for their tulips, for their corn maze. The farm is known for its corn maze, named the "World's Largest" at 28 acres with 9 to 10 miles of winding trails.

So they've got Spring and Fall covered, but the fun doesn't stop there. OIS details -

But let's get back to the tulips. Over 15,000 pounds of tulip bulbs of 30 different varieties were planted, meaning that over 300,000 tulips are expected to bloom.
You can get your tickets here.

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