If you've ever thought "wow, it would be great to have a yard over my head", I've found the Illinois home for you. It has a roof of grass and also a sweet tennis court, too.

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This is 629 Sable Drive in Centralia, Illinois. I saw this featured on Zillow and made famous thanks to a new video on TikTok. The home looks nice. It's the roof that is the real attention-getter though.

See the Wild Illinois Home with a Tennis Court and a Grass Roof

Houses That Are Cool on TikTok featured this place.

@housesthatarecool @The Home Depot can u recommend a good lawn mower? #grass ♬ original sound - Sad_account

As of this writing, you can have this grassy Illinois home for the low, low price of just $450,000 according to the Zillow listing. If you buy it, just be prepared to mow the roof though. It's not often a person can say that and be accurate.

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