Rockford's Shatter Our Silence is a non-profit organization tirelessly helping young adults to continue talking about depression and suicide.

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death of young adults age 15 - 25, but these individuals didn't die from suicide. As Shatter Our Silence (S.O.S.) says, suicide was the means, but the reasons are more likely things like depression, addiction, despair, powerlessness, bullying or body image.

The work that S.O.S. is doing is increasing awareness of the factors that lead to young adult suicide and the stigma that often goes along with it. These are tough, but very necessary conversations. The worst that can happen is for us all to stop talking to one another about this topic.

Please consider grabbing this great new t-shirt design from Rockford Art Deli, in support of the work Shatter Our Silence is doing in the Rockford region. The 'Be The Light' T-Shirt release event is happening at Rockford Art Deli at 402 E. State Street on Saturday, October 17 at 12 Noon.

For more event details, be sure to check out the Facebook Event page.

If you can't make the event in person, you can buy the shirts online, HERE.

Shatter Our Silence 'Be The Light' Rockford Art Deli T-Shirt Release

$10 from each shirt sold goes back to S.O.S..

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