A big topic among grown-ups these days is the upcoming presidential election; who are you voting for? Who do you think will be Hillary's running mate? Where do you plan on moving to if Donald Trump actually gets elected? It's exhausting chatter that I chose not to take part in; all I generally hear is "blah, blah, blah." Or in the case of kids, all they hear when grown-ups are talking politics is Lingit- the language of the Tlingit people, who are indigenous to the Pacific Northwest.

Much like election talk, Lingit probably doesn't make any sense to you; but it will in a moment.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, the Shedd Aquarium is holding a "kids only" election to name their newest addition- a dolphin calf that was born in April.  Through July 12th, all aquarium visitors that are 18 and under will have a chance to vote for their favorite name from this list; all options are in....you guessed it, Lingit:

Taashuka (tah-SHOO-kah) – meaning “Tidelands”
Katnaanu (kat-NAH-noo) – meaning “Wilderness”
Kukdlaa (KOOK-dlah) – meaning “Bubbles”
Kusti (KOOS-tee) – meaning “Life/Way of Living”
Lekwaa (LAY-kwah) – meaning “Spirit”

If you can't make it to Shedd by the 12th, your child can still vote for their favorite name here.

I personally like "Bubbles."