Shocking isn't always a bad thing. This shocking discovery in the women's bathroom brought back some rough memories but some hope for the future. 

There are a lot of things happening in the world in 2023 that aren't great.

I don't need to list them for you. You read the internet, you watch the news, you know this country isn't in great shape.

But, it's always nice to shine a light on something that is great.

I know you're thinking... Michelle... isn't this story about something you discovered in a bathroom?

You bet it is, and it made me VERY happy.

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Earlier this week, we were visiting Rock Valley College for a Good Day Stateline segment and I went to the bathroom when I got there and when I walked in I saw a machine that I've seen in many public bathrooms in my life, a tampon dispenser.

But what I've never seen before, is a dispenser where the tampons were free.






I stood there in disbelief. The tampons are free for students? This is amazing and for so many reasons!

In fact, I could probably write a novel about how I think tampons and pads should be completely free for every women on the planet, but I'll save that for another day. The fact that Rock Valley College is using their own funds to make these products available for students is incredible.

If you don't know... you're not always prepared when you need one, and we're not walking around with quarters just in case.

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My biggest hope is that this wasn't a shocking discovery at all. I'm hoping all colleges are doing this for their students, and high schools and junior high schools AND elementary schools for that matter and I just haven't seen them.

The amount of money, shame and stress that girls face when it comes to dealing with their periods is insurmountable.

This made my day.

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