While it's not required in Illinois, doing this after a heavy snowstorm could potentially save a life this winter.

Living in Illinois can sometimes be a major inconvenience because we are an all-seasons state.  Winter can get brutal and the weather is so unpredictable, but when those snowstorms hit there's one thing we typically neglect to do.  It's really important.

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We are all pretty good at shoveling our driveways, warming up our cars before leaving the house, and clearing the snow our off windshields before going anywhere.

Have you ever thought about shoveling the area around the fire hydrant in your neighborhood?  It never crossed my mind until now!

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Illinoisans, Do This Immediately After A Heavy Snowstorm

Next time there's a heavy snowfall, make sure to get your shovel out and clear off any snow around fire hydrants near your home. 

Let's be courteous and help our local firefighters respond to emergencies in a timely fashion and more efficiently by shoveling around fire hydrants after a snowstorm hits.


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We might not be able to prevent fires, but we can control how fast it gets put out.  That's why it's so important to have fire hydrants visible and accessible for firefighters at all times.  Snowstorms cover a lot of ground and bury everything in sight.

Shoveling around fire hydrants is a simple but critical step in ensuring firefighters can access water quickly during emergencies. It's a collective effort that involves both residents and local authorities to enhance public safety and reduce response times in the event of a fire.

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