When you thought sinkholes only happen in Florida, take a look at this massive sinkhole that nearly swallowed a Southern Illinois roadway.

My biggest fear are sinkholes.  For the past ten years I have had a horrible fear of the ground opening up beneath my feet and getting sucked into the Earth.  Even if it isn't a fear for you, it's still really scary to think about!

I've always said I'm never moving to Florida to lower my risks of being victim to a sinkhole.  Now we have to worry about these craters spawning around Illinois.

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Would you believe me if I said a humungous sinkhole just opened up in Illinois if I didn't have photo evidence?  Yeah, probably not.

Enormous Sinkhole In Illinois Causes Indefinite Road Closures

The Illinois Department of Transportation shared a photo of this gigantic sinkhole that opened on Illinois 185, between Hillsboro and Coffeen.

The sinkhole has increased in size and doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.  This prompted a road closure until further notice, so the safety of drivers isn't at risk!

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Illinois Department of Transportation

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Just looking at this photo makes my skin crawl.  This isn't the first sinkhole reported in Illinois actually.  There was one that swallowed a car in Lincoln Park and a pothole, that could've passed as a sinkhole, in the middle of the roadway in Chicago's West Loop.

If you're ever walking down the road and a sinkhole opens up right in front of you,  I'd buy a lottery ticket because the luck you have just barely missing it is crazy.

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