Wine lovers for your next party, skip getting those boxes of wine and go straight for a keg.

A Keg?

Yup.. A keg wine.

It's a real thing, thanks to the Long Island, NY wine Bridge Lane. (Pop Sugar)

They now offer wine in kegs that will be delivered straight to your door.

Each keg contains roughly 26 bottles of wine of your choice from either "chardonnay, rosé, white merlot, sauvignon blanc, or a red blend."

"Each of Bridge Lane's wine kegs costs $240 and can be purchased online through Lieb Cellars, the winery that owns the label."

According to Lieb Cellars the shelf life of the kegs are 6 months unopened and "once tapped/opened: 2 days with a kegtap, 2 months in a kegerator with a gas line attached." 

Wow! Now this will make your next big party easier in the wine department at least. ordering up a keg of these wines.

Heck! This would be perfect for wedding receptions. Especially for those set in the outdoor settings or the rustic barn locations in the area.



To see the kegs of wine or to order one or two, click here.




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