You never know what you'll find when you browse Reddit.

For the most part, it's funny videos or memes for me, but occasionally you'll find something you have to share with everybody.

My friend and I created a simple database of farms that are currently delivering straight to people's doors during this pandemic.

I was immediately intrigued. Like most, with the stay-at-home order in effect at least until the end of May, it's difficult to get some of the things we need.

However, I was skeptical. First, I didn't know farms made deliveries and second, I wasn't sure there were many that would deliver to my front door.

I was wrong. There are a bunch of in the Rockford area farms that now have online stores where you can order meats, cheeses, vegetables, and fruit.

You can look for delivery or pickup, choose what type of meat, dairy, or produce you're specifically trying to find, and sort by which farm is closest to you.

I love it. Let us know if you've ordered from a farm near the Rockford area.

Go HERE to find the farm that delivers nearest you.

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