Not too long ago I finally got my Illinois driver license; all I need now are Illinois license plates. Yes, I'm still driving around with Wisconsin plates, but the tabs don't expire until 2018 and I'm too frugal to pay for new ones until I really need them.

Unfortunately, when February 2018 finally rolls around, the vanity plate I was really hoping for won't be available (there's just a hint of sarcasm in there)- COVFEFE.

WIFR's Mark Henderson got bored one night and randomly decided to see where the plate had been taken after reading an article like this one from CNN, saying that COVFEFE was being snatched up all over the country. It had already been claimed in Maine and Virginia, so he thought he'd see about Illinois.

Covfefe Vanity Plate
Mark Henderson via Facebook


Not to worry though, there's still plenty of Trump's presidency left and surely between now and 2020 he'll give us another head scratching code word to decipher.

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