Anyone who's ever been inside a Walmart store knows that you'll see some pretty strange and unusual things...and when I say things, I mean people.

Hey, no judgement here. There have been several times that I've stepped inside what my mom calls "Wally World" and a fellow shopper could've easily taken my photo and plastered it all over the People of Walmart website. For all I know, there is one and I just haven't seen it...yet.

If I am, I hope I end up right next to Mason Ramsey, an 11-year-old from a small town of only 700 people in southern Illinois.

Mason has become the ultimate person of Walmart, just not how you imagine he'd be. This college hopeful, cowboy kid was discovered by Ellen DeGeneres after she saw video of him yodeling inside the Harrisburg, Illinois store.

How does she find this stuff?

Try not to fall in love with this kid when you see him on her show.

According to USA Today, when DJ Whethan brought Mason out on stage for a surprise performance, the crowd went nuts.

He's no Beyonce, but after his surprise performance at Coachella, he could very well land himself in the top three artists of our generation, right behind Queen Bey and Drake. Ha.

OK, BRB, going to go yodel at the Rockton Walmart now. Meet me in aisle 4.

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