Just because Friends celebrated the big 2-5 last month doesn't mean the party is over. No way, the party just got to Starbucks.

Much like most Starbucks fun drinks you read about on Facebook, this is not a legit menu item.

This is more of a secret menu item, but it's pretty easy for you to memorize.

A Starbucks in Canada invented the drink which is purple-orange-y and according to Delish is a vanilla bean frapp with coconut milk, a splash of guava juice and dragon fruit.

I would try that for sure.

While the Starbucks in Rockford won't actually have the Friends Frapp on the menu, you can give them the recipe so they can whip it up.

When it comes to 'The Rachel,' they can totally make that for you too, from the Totally the Bomb.

And 'The Chandler,' 'The Ross,' 'The Monica,' 'The Phoebe,' and 'The Joey.'

Heather McNichols VIa Facebook
Heather McNichols VIa Facebook

My whole life I thought I was Monica, but as soon as I hit 25 I became Rachel.

This proves that yet again.

Which Friend would you get?

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