COVID-19 forced almost every single business to change the way they operate. And some businesses are realizing those changes might be their new normal.

The world realized these past few months that SO MUCH can be done virtually or by drive-thru. One business that survived by pick up and drive thru during COVID was Starbucks. And they're planning on sticking with the pick-up method post pandemic.

Starbucks will close 400 in-person stores while expanding its “pickup” store concept and access to curbside pickup, drive-thru and walk-up counters over the next 18 months.

According to WIFR, Starbucks says -

We are now envisioning the accelerated development of Starbucks Pickup stores in major U.S. cities over the next 18 months, including retrofitting and repositioning many existing cafés to expand our store portfolio with a mix of appropriate store formats

Honestly, it makes sense. Of course I don't like the fact that people can't enjoy their cup of coffee while sitting in a coffee shop, but majority of customers aren't sitting inside. They grab and go.

It looks like only time will tell if Rockford locations will be affected.

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