On Friday (5/15/20) Governor Pritzker's office filed an emergency rule aimed at businesses that could pose the greatest risk to public safety.

This new rule, according to the Governor's office, is an enforcement tool for high-risk businesses like bars, restaurants, salons and gyms who refuse to comply. If local law enforcement, nor the Illinois State Police can't get the business to comply, this allows for an alternative to closing the business completely.

The law specifically states:

Violators are subject to punishment under a current IDPH Act, that lists the offense as a Class A misdemeanor. That is the most serious misdemeanor, which could result in 364 days in jail and a $2,500 fine.

Last week, the Ogle and Winnebago County sheriff's departments announced that they won't be enforcing the Stay At Home Order. It's likely that many other departments will join them. You can read more about the kickback on the Governor's new emergency rule at wrex.com.


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