The pandemic has us changing our love game in all kinds of ways. If you can't go hang at a favorite place, maybe these ideas would be fun, while also being safe.

Looking back on the pandemic summer of 2020, many memories of finding new ways to just enjoy being alone with my new bride. Because of the pandemic, we all had to find new ways to be entertained. Just being together, in the car, became the perfect date. It truly made part of the summer better than I could've ever imagined. I hope we never stop having car dates.

These are some of the fun (and surprisingly romantic) Car Dates we had:

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I think this first one is perfect if you're a new couple and you're starting to have fun sharing some of your life story.

This is great whether you both live near or even in your hometown, or just one of you does. My wife is from Rockford, I'm from Madison, Wisconsin. And stop at all your old spots. House you grew up in, favorite park, burger joint, elementary school. The stories you'll share will be so good to hear. They'll be some passion in those stories, and that's the good stuff.




If neither one of you are early risers, you should skip this one. If this time of day suits you, do it. This time of day is so incredibly peaceful. Plus, if you pick the right spot to watch the sun come up, it'll feel like you're the only two people in the world. When you hit that beautiful moment; the moment you can be any crowd and feel like the only two people in the room, that's when you've found your person.




Appetizers from one spot, main course at another, and some drive-thru ice cream (and some McDonald's fries) for dessert. We went on several of these Car Dates. Might be what led to the #Quarantine15




Every generation knows the power of making a mixtape for your person. Powerful connections are made with music. Something on that playlist will make you get out of the car and dance.




This is actually the Car Date we have most often. I'm pretty sure we're not the only couple that stops somewhere before every road trip and fills the car with $30 worth of candy and snacks.

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