There's just one week left to be a part of our 5K bike ride to benefit Pink Heals Winnebago County. Here's what my wife and I learned from riding with our crew.

This past Sunday was my family's outing for the One Nation One People, Peace Virtual 5K Bike Ride. I say 'big family outing' because my wife and I share four children, from age 4 to 18, and getting all of us on the same page for this ride was a chore. On ride day, we had four bicyclists, one motorized scooter rider and a runner. We chose a nearby park with a good sidewalk wrapped all around it. We just needed to go all the way around it fourteen times to complete the 5K. This is where my tips for a fun ride begin.


Steve Shannon's Tips for a Fun 'One Nation One People' 5K Virtual Family Bike Ride

1. If you're going to ride where you need to count laps, designate someone to actually keep track. We lost track several times and soon you'll see why.


2. If it's a hot day, be sure to bring plenty of cold water. And the smallest family member will drink most of it.


3. The heat will make the most adorable child a sweaty, ornery mess.

4. If your ride location has a playground, it can be a blessing (and a curse).


5. Every lap around, someone will need to stop and push baby girl on the swing.


6. Every family has a clown, he is ours. Yes, he got stuck in the baby basket swing.

I hope you and your family enjoy the time together on your bikes, scooters or whatever. Being a part of this fundraising ride means a lot to me and to our Pink Heals family.

Just one week left to sign up and be a part of the One Nation One People, Peace Virtual 5K Bike Ride. Everyone who signs up has a chance to win a brand new Trek bike and more.

Click here to get all the ride details.

Here are some more photos I took of our ride.

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