World Championship-bound Allstar Rebel Assassins cheer team from Rockford taught me some tricks and helped me earn the new nickname - Steve 'Big Daddy Flyer' Shannon.

Steve Shannon's Workout with Local Championship Bound Cheer Team

I would like to thank this team of very talented young people for sharing their time and skills with me. These young people are hyper-focused on bringing a cheer championship back home to Rockford. For the second year in a row, the Allstar Rebels Assassins cheer team has earned a bid to compete in The Cheerleading Worlds Championship. The competition will be aired on ESPN April 23-25.

At 260 pounds there are certain things I just accept I won't be able to do and cheerleading is one of those things. But for one night, this team proved me wrong. Sure, I will never be at their skill level, but on this night I did something I never thought was possible. I will never forget these athletes and the night we had together.

(special note: In his 60s, Cheap Trick's guitarist Rick Nielsen still gets big air during a live show. But on this night I got more air than a Hall of Fame'er.)

We're all so proud of what you've accomplished Assassins... now go to Florida and kick ass!

If you'd like to help these cheerleaders cover the cost of making their trip to compete in Florida, you can donate through their Go Fund Me page. There are even business/corporate sponsorship opportunities. For more information, contact Vince by clicking HERE.


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