The medical community has been asking us for MONTHS to wear a face mask.

For MONTHS many people have thought wearing a face mask is pointless.

A surge of COVID-19 cases is currently happening in Illinois, and I can't help but feel the more people's tempers flare about the subject, the worse the situation gets.

I'm not here to preach, just to remind you that wearing a face mask in public is more about protecting others than it is about protecting you.

My husband works in the emergency department at one of Rockford's hospitals, and although he never talks about work at home, I can tell you this; they are swamped.

So many people are sick and equipment is becoming limited, but another problem in this surge of COVID cases is that many medical workers are getting sick or in quarantine too, and having enough staff to cover the need is tough.

I don't need to tell you that Rockford isn't the only area where people are struggling, or medical professionals are quickly approaching the end of the rope. It is happening nationally, and it is officially the time for us all to step up and do the responsible thing.

The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio posted a PSA this morning that brought tears to my eyes. The message is a powerful one, and one line in particular hit me hard. It says, "We put our lives on the line daily to keep you safe. So do something for us. Wear. A. Mask."

If you can watch this and still refuse to wear a face mask in public, well, that is all I need to know about you.


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