Maybe it's because I grew up eating sushi at home, but if I could eat tempura shrimp for the rest of my life I would 100%.

If you haven't been to a revolving sushi bar yet, you gotta go! It's exactly what you think: a moving conveyor belt with plates of sushi circling it's way around to each table.


I've been to one Sushi Bar in Los Angeles and let me tell ya, it's delicious.  You can get really caught up in grabbing multiple plates at a time, but once you grab a plate each one counts towards your bill!

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Kura Revolving Sushi Bar - Schaumburg, IL

Get the full experience at Kura's Sushi Bar for your next dine out adventure!

You sit next to the conveyor belt, wait for your favorite sushi (or desserts) to swing around, and stack your plates as high as you can!

No matter the appetite, everyone at the table can create their own distinctive dining experience.


Depending on the plate you get, you can pay $2.95 for a single plate and higher for other dishes like soups and sides.

From sushi to broths and even desserts, all of our dishes are free of artificial sweeteners, seasonings, preservatives and colorings.

They even have mochi ice cream balls as a nice dessert after you fill your belly with sushi.  I love these, they're so soft and gooey!

You don't even have to wait for a server when it's time to pay, you have your own mini station at your table for way more convenience!

Win prizes by eating sushi! Our mascot, Muten-Maru, appears on your screen and needs your help on his adventure. Deposit enough plates and he’ll reward you with a prize!


It's totally worth it to eat at a sushi bar, a fun dining experience where your food serves itself? Sounds like everything I'm down for!  If you're interested in checking out Kura's Sushi Bar, visit their website for their full menu.

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