This 'package pending' scam is brand new and it has nothing to do with any of your soon-to-be-arriving packages. It's all about stealing your personal data.

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The latest phishing scam has been fooling a lot of people lately, check this out so you don't come one of them.

This scam asks you about a package you have that hasn't finished delivery and just needs you to click a couple things to verify the shipment. We all have packages coming to our doorstep often, so it's really easy to be convinced this SMS message may have something to do with the package for which you're waiting.

According to a recent story on, this is the most common message received:

“We came across a package from June pending for you. Please assume ownership and schedule for delivery here.”

After that message, you're asked to click a link, DO NOT CLICK!

The absolute best thing you can do, is to ignore any message that looks like this message below.

STOP! That ‘Package Pending’ Message Could Be a Scam
Orange County Sheriff's Department

I'd like to think that most would not click on a suspicious looking link like the one above. These cybercriminals will stop at nothing to get your personal data. One version of this scam actually took you to a fake Amazon website.

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