We lost 'Saved By the Max,' this summer, but we got something pretty epic as a replacement.

Last summer everything was 'Saved By the Bell.' At least for me.

First, I met Mr. Belding at the Kane County Cougars Game.

Then, I went over to the 'Saved By the Max,' diner in Chicago for quite possibly the coolest two hours of my life, literally inside one of my favorite TV shows.

Thousands of other people also went to the 'Saved By the Bell' diner.

So many, that the pop-up restaurant that was supposed to be around for just three months ended up in Chicago for almost an entire year.

At the beginning of June, the TV show themed diner was torn down and it's currently being reopened in L.A. as the same 'Saved By the Bell' pop-up.

So what's happening now where the diner was in Chicago?

It's kind of like Medieval Times but without the horses, but with John Stamos butter.

Yeah I'm not sure what's in the butter either but I bet it makes you look young for life.

The Riot Feast is described as, 'a limited-time restaurant and bar in Chicago with Riot Fest-inspired family-style American bites in a turn-of-the-century carnival environment.'

While 'The Max' has moved on, the Riot Feast menu pays homage to 'SBTB' with the 'Bayside Burger.'

I have zero interest in attending Riot Fest, but I'm totally into this restaurant concept.

The pop-up currently says it'll be here until September, but there's absolutely a chance it'll stick around if it's popular enough.

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